Willow branch bench

In collaboration with renowned designer Floortje Bijvoet, Van Aalsburg B.V. presents the ‘Willow branch bench’. This is a durable garden bench that consists of two metal profiles. You can fill this yourself with pruned branches. You can use your own ‘pruning waste’ for this, or the branches can be ordered with the bank.

We recommend a branch length of the willow branch bank of 1.80 meters , where the protruding branch length is approximately 15 centimeters (this is the branch length that protrudes from the side of the metal profile). Of course it is also possible to make the sofa longer or shorter as desired, the sofa will then automatically become longer or shorter in its entirety.

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Van Aalsburg has specialised in sustainable willow products and services for over 50 years. These services include the strengthening of river banks, nature conservation and the installation of natural fences.

The demand for sustainable solutions has risen sharply in recent years and has resulted in a shortage of branches. The branches are grown in our own fields. Van Aalsburg has achieved the highest level on the CO2 performance ladder and offers good opportunities to people furthest from the labour market.

The revolutionary Branch Bench shows that natural branches and modern design go well together.

Reviews Wilgentenenschutting.nl

Average one 9,9 based on 45 reviews of
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

A jewel in our garden!

We are happy with the beautiful result. A solid fence and beautiful too. Truly a craft.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

It turned out even more beautiful than shown in the photos.

The men have worked very hard. The fence is in great shape. Pleasant communication and a great result. It exceeded our expectations.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

Great job done, great result

Despite the rain, worked all day and became a very nice fence, definitely recommended
Pleasant to work with.


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Frequently asked questions

Is the ‘Branch Bench' comfortable?

Yes! More than 200 visitors to Tuinidee (Garden Ideas 2020 exhibition in the Brabanthallen) tried out the bench. They were all surprised at how comfortable it was!

Can the branches be pulled out?

No, that’s not possible. The last branches are hammered in tightly and cannot be pulled out.

Can branches be ordered to refill the bench afterwards?

Yes, it is always possible to make a subsequent delivery of branches. The branches can easily be ordered from the webshop.

Can other furniture be ordered?

Yes, it is possible to order a picnic table – for more information please contact us. In addition, tables and chairs are currently being designed using COR-TEN steel and willow branches.

Can the branches and frames be ordered separately?

Yes, it is possible to order the different parts separately as a DIY kit.

Does the Branch Bench give off rust?

The Branch Bench is made of weather resistant steel. COR-TEN steel has a self-protecting rust layer that naturally forms over time. This ‘patina’ protects the underlying material from coming into contact with oxygen and thus stops the rusting process. COR-TEN steel is therefore very sustainable and does not need to be painted. However, the build-up of patina can produce rust run-off. To prevent this the COR-TEN steel can be treated with COR-TEN steel varnish.

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