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Brushwood fencing

Brushwood fencing

On low-lying, dike land outside the dikes, rushpaths were built in the past, which in the case of further silting up by the river, turned into cultivated fields. When these fields were sufficiently swallowed, they were transformed into pilot whales.

Still, pilot whales are being constructed, maintained and exploited for the pilot wood products. Van Aalsburg BV is one of the few remaining companies in the Netherlands, which deals with the traditional - yet commercial - production of pilot wood products, such as: Willow and fences, (Classical) Zinc pieces, Walling, Drift screens, Rootstocks, Chestnut piles, Wiepen, Vlonders , Gabions, planting marram grass.

Willow fences
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Are you looking for a willow fence with a natural look that fits your garden? Then you came to the..

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